Monday, March 21, 2016

from the trail log

Not here, but near, a dark exploration.Headlamp beam makes breath luminous, so I hold my exhalation when I wish to see. Rain plinks and shimmers from each branch.
I scan the path for motion, or gleaming eyes. A weary wood frog stands like a miniature statue, regal and inevitable and vulnerable. A flash of movement, a glowing, glittering speck in the wet woods - a water spider, looking malevolent on her ordinary rounds.
As the pool ripples spread and overlap from the constant splash of droplets, each seeming to leap from the water rather than otherwise. No sounds of frogs yet, though they are spread-eagled lazily in the top inch of water, clinging to some fragile twig.
Cheri B.

Cathance Haiku

red squirrel I see you
flitting across ice and branch
rapid water rush

the bee gathers nectar

hummingbird, little hummingbird
collect food

Emerald green moss covers the granite ledge,
a joy to gaze upon

Ian and Abby saw a turtle.

Just a bit past Imbolc (Celtic) and the sap will run soon. 3rd Sunday CREA guided walk with a group of 13 with Gary (poet) and Jim (photographer) The sun was with us - Hooray!

Clear skies, cool breeze. The rush of the river. The kids found the perfect walking stick for our trek. A lovely waters walk.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Called to the stone

(for Geri Vistein)

called to the rocks he
called to the rocks talked
with the birds he
walked with the
wolves we
walk with the wolves -
called, to walk, to
talk, called
to the rocks, the stone
called by moss to
the rock below.

Cathance River
poem by Gary Lawless
photo by Jim McCarthy