Sunday, November 15, 2015

from the CREA kiosk log - mid November

chickadee chickadee dee dee
ah there, high in a tree
staring back at me


the orange leaves blaze on the
trees and the clouds block out
the sun, i walk along the path
until my time is done

(Lydia MM)


kinglets in the crowns of trees,
here, where the lightning touched,
beaver stumps the
rapids, water,


woods in November
a palette of brown and green
wind whispers gently

woods in November
leaves laugh loudly underfoot
bare limbs sigh above

Barbara Snapp, Nov. 15


Photo by James McCarthy

working on the image map

Here are the beginnings of an image-map of the Preserve -
please add your own special places, sightings, experiences -

Here is where I saw the mink.
Here is where the muskrats were.
Here is where you stop hearing cars.
Here is where you start to hear the river.
Here is where the ice-pancakes were.
Here is where the lightning touched.
Here is the rock that
looks like a whale.
Here is the place where,
in the same tree,
an indigo bunting and a magnolia warbler.
Rattlesnake trail.