Sunday, January 31, 2016

walks schedule

Photo by Jim McCarthy

Our future CREAtive walks, with artists in residence Jim McCarthy and Gary Lawless, will be on the following sundays:
Feb. 21
March 20
April 17
May 15
Please gather at 9 AM at the Ecology Center.

"We continue to evolve and transform who we are in relationship to where we are."
Terry Tempest Williams

Photo by Jim McCarthy

Sunday, January 17, 2016

january and snow

Photo by Jim McCarthy

CREA is our "winter church". The light and shadows on the snow,
the animal tracks, bird sounds, ice sculptures,
all magical and awe-inspiring


frolicking, laughing, sparkling
powerful, dancing, beautiful


still-white clumps of cottongrass sprinkling
the heath
batches of needle ice thrusting up out of the
earth along the path
flakes of yesterday's brief snow shower
hiding among the mosses



heath? no, a heath is dry -
it's not a bog either - a bog has no
outlet -
a fen - that's what it is - a mixed
tall sedge fen


Gear to get out - what a spot
fresh air and the one you love
always, we'll be back



a raven's rattle
loudly vies with traffic noise
but his call is the winner

A Nelson


so beautiful out here today - feeling
grateful i am able to get out hiking
this time of year - might not get another
chance until Spring if we
end up getting snow - Happy!



let me sleep in a blanket of riversound

deer, hare,
porcupine, vole -
where are the tracks
of the birds in the sky?