Sunday, September 18, 2016

sept. 18 - low water and lion's mane

Here we quiet and listen
to tree speak - birch's whisper
river rush and red squirrel song

Here we linger and learn
dance of the dragonfly
frolic of the tree frog

Here we practice just being

Hannah Gosselin, with Leland and Caiden


I absorb the silence
cocooned by the trees
watch light dance from
water to rock

I balance on roots
peek around bends and
startle turtles into hiding

Peeking through windows at
ecology lessons sparking that
part of myself. Inspired to
remember the wood and the wild.
My feet will pass this way again.


We don't usually respond to the writing found in the trail journal at the ecology center map kiosk,
but this one asks for a response. Someone wrote:

"I saw a bunch of cool rocks
and I collected them"

Please remember that the idea of the Preserve is yes to Preserve - if you see cool rocks, or any cool thing, please try to preserve them in your memory, maybe take a picture, draw or paint the image, write a poem or journal note about it but please leave it here, for others (and not just humans) to enjoy, to use, to remember. Thank you.