Thursday, October 20, 2016

from a rock found...

from a rock found in an abandoned quarry on the Cathance Road

Mineral Forest
John Howard

looking for the mushroom homelands

looking for the mushroom homelands
wondering where the birds have gone

James McCarthy photo

Anna Lin - age 7

Morning comes
the creatures awake
each day after the next
they begin to awake
bears and bobcats
lizards and toads
they all arise
Who knows what?

I saw a baby newt in a log
I saw a nut-finch and two tadpoles
The colors were beautiful.

Kylee and Abby and me were pretending
to be under attacked.
My mom and dad
were the monsters


Burning leaves float
on murky water shadows.
I am grateful for
each moment of peace.


photo by James McCarthy

clouds and sun, what fun
hiking with a friend
along the river with many bends
thank you for fall colors
perfect weather for cultivating
deeper friendships as
new Mainers

Betty B and Nancy S