Monday, August 29, 2016

Dragonfly walk with David Reed

(David Reed and Hunter looking at dragonflies)

Two photos by James McCarthy


After the dragonflies

Dragonflies were as common as sunlight
hovering in their own days
backward forward and sideways
as if they were memory
now there are grown-ups hurrying
who never saw one
and do not know what they
are not seeing
the veins in a dragonfly's wings
were made of light
the veins in the leaves knew them
and the flowing rivers
the dragonflies came out of the color of water
knowing their own way
when we appeared in their eyes
we were strangers
they took their light with them when they went
there will be no one to remember us

W S Merwin
from "Garden Time"

From the CREA logbook:

pretty water we did see
many crows we did hear
we marveled at the huge tree
the trails and sky were so clear
a toad and squirrel did appear
thank you God for your creation
please be with our troubled nation

and then there were two
did you see what flew?
our tea tastes like broth
isn't that a beautiful moth?

we listened to the bullfrogs
sing their songs
banging away
like the strings on a guitar


The Heath

a visit with tranquility
any time of year
on a trail for all ability
and natural so near
to appreciate fresh air and breeze
conversing with the trees
and distant sounds close to town
imposing on the peace
that amplifies the silent space
all around the Heath

S R French

Birdsong delight

on a summer day
the birds have introduced themselves to me

I stopped in my tracks to see
what winged creature was looking my way
chirping a greeting or wailing a warning
birds of all voice have flown in my face
eye to eye or out of sight
they signalled their presence in broad daylight
and made themselves known for whatever reason
they have become
a natural encounter where i am
to brighten the day with a song

S R French