Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Sounds

Jim McCarthy photo

Owl, low and silver over the Heath trail then
explosion of crows, mobbing, cawing, screaming insults - 30 minutes
the owl, barred I think, moved on
and the crows followed -
all the while, a basking painted turtle
did not blink an eye.

Back again -
Barnes Leap - white tailed deer
Beaver trail - hermit thrush with a twig in its beak
cool, but good birding - my favorite
chestnut-sided warbler by the ecology center
If you are quick enough
and walk in near silence
the turkey will find you near the pond -

Janet Galle

I feel as if I am a rock
set aside, kicked around
not given a second glance

nobody knows me
why I'm here, where i came from
or what my purpose is

but maybe someday
someone will come along and notice
that i am different from all the rest

Jada Alley

without the light, there are no shadows -


Bodies lay across the lawn
like puddles on a rainy day -

The ground is wet
the sky is gray
trees speaking softly
in the middle of May

I feel as though I am an interloper
an intruder walking among thin
birch as I huff and puff as
I sweat
and yet
they are silent like me, willing companions
as they sway in the sun alongside me

crab spider -
did you know they can change color
depending on the flower they sit on?


Jim McCarthy photo