Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"The sun is hot."

tree like a bow the
weight of the snow
arrows of light
our hearts, in flight

two eagles flying
above the river
flying directly
into your heart

Priscilla Seimer photo

Louisa Edgerton photo

Into the New Year

whose woods these are I think I know
this place is about to bloooow
up into spring we go

Kayle (the vegetable) simpson

photos from the Preserve by Priscilla Seimer

election blues

red dragonflies
crunchy leaves
whistling acorn caps

these things begin
my long journey of healing
an election day
broken heart


Sunday, November 20, 2016

We're here - where are you?

photo by Valerie, known as Alice

For the months of October and November, Gary and Jim have had one other person join them for each of the monthly walks.

acorns and beech leaves,
rushing water where
last month,
silent and dry,
moss on every surface,
water roar, hello -
the river turns, turns
and moves on.


preserve companion

James McCarthy photo

Rustle of Dry Leaves

walking the path
down to the river

crash of pine branches
a big bird flies off

turkey or spruce grouse
oh-wow-an owl
eyes black as coal

alights on pine

large and stocky
rounded head
no ear tufts
mottled brown wings
white breast
vertical brown bars

ah, then, a barred owl

swamp owl
hoot owl
eight hooter
wood owl
rain owl
le chat-huant du Nord
(hooting cat of the North)

sit down

to see
comes next

owl stares back
as curious about me
as I am about it

head turns,
looks behind
slow turns back

holding the gaze
one minute,
two, three

time slows until
a whisper of feathers
owl flies off

ghost flight

into the woods

rustle of dry leaves
walking the path
down to the river

Jim McCarthy

Thursday, October 20, 2016

from a rock found...

from a rock found in an abandoned quarry on the Cathance Road

Mineral Forest
John Howard

looking for the mushroom homelands

looking for the mushroom homelands
wondering where the birds have gone

James McCarthy photo

Anna Lin - age 7

Morning comes
the creatures awake
each day after the next
they begin to awake
bears and bobcats
lizards and toads
they all arise
Who knows what?

I saw a baby newt in a log
I saw a nut-finch and two tadpoles
The colors were beautiful.

Kylee and Abby and me were pretending
to be under attacked.
My mom and dad
were the monsters


Burning leaves float
on murky water shadows.
I am grateful for
each moment of peace.


photo by James McCarthy

clouds and sun, what fun
hiking with a friend
along the river with many bends
thank you for fall colors
perfect weather for cultivating
deeper friendships as
new Mainers

Betty B and Nancy S